Heart and Soul of Essex

Heart and Soul of Essex has provided the entire Essex Community with the opportunity to learn and grow as a whole. They have utilized their family planning grant to law down the groundwork for some amazing change in the local community. I have been lucky enough to collaborate with them on almost all of the projects they took on. From the grant submission video, to the introductions, and now to the conclusion, the Heart and Soul team have been supportive of me the entire way. Whether it be giving deadlines, feedback, criticisms, or direct praise, Heart and Soul has always pushed me forward creatively, and I can’t thank them enough for that. 

This spot will be airing at Essex Cinemas for three months on all screens. 


Heart & Soul of Essex from Kayhl Cooper on Vimeo.



EHS Fine Arts

As a middle schooler, If I had been shown the quality of work that flows through the EHS Fine Arts Department, or the amount of opportunities available to me, I would have been sprinting full speed towards the doors of the High School. I hope this video that I made to be shown to incoming freshman is able to induce that same excitement.

The Superpowers

On this past New Years eve, I had the privilege of hanging out at Higher Ground with a great band.

On December 30th, I got a call from a band called “The Superpowers”. The name alone was exciting enough for me. I was on board. This was my first time working with live concert performance, let alone at a big venue such as Higher Ground, so I was a little nervous. I got there about an hour before they were scheduled to be on, and spent most of those 60 minutes white-knuckling the grip of my camera.

When The Superpowers started playing, however, that all went away. What I saw on stage was an group of people who were ecstatic to be playing their music. A band who was excited just to be playing together. They were making great music, and putting on a great performance. All I had to do was point the camera towards the stage, and I subconsciously mirrored their enthusiasm. So did the crowd.

Check out their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/thesuperpowers

Or the video I made for them:

How to Volleyball

Want to learn how to Volleyball? A while back, I shot an instructional short that was used as a sketch for EHSPN. You can check out what I came up with below. With this video, you can bump, set, and spike your way to victory!

Fall 2013 Fifty Hour Film Festival: Fiction

For the fourth year in a row, the Reel Life Productions Team worked together to create a film in 50 hours as part of the Fifty Hour Film Fest. http://www.fiftyhourfilm.com

We were given a prompt on Friday afternoon and had to finish a film by Sunday Night. The prompt given called for a film of the mystery genre, with a main character who possessed an inverted memory, meaning they only remembered details, and not main events.

After working through many different possible plot lines, we finally came up with a concrete idea around 10:00pm on Friday Night. We wrote all the way through until 4am the next morning, finally going to sleep for 3 hours. We woke up at 7 AM, and began to shoot. Running back and forth across Essex Junction, Burlington, and Jericho, we were able to get all of our filming done by 9:00pm that night. Editing then continued through the whole of Sunday from 6am to 12am.

Upon finally exporting the film, we collapsed into sleep, ate some food, attempted to regain our sanity, and sat down to watch our movie. We quite liked it. I hope you do too.


The school year began in September, and since then, most of my video projects have slowed. I have, however, spent a great amount of time working on a web show for my high school. EHSPN is a sports network intended to showcase the lives of EHS students. We cover everything from the sports, to the controversies, to the cafeteria food. From championship games to bad student drivers, we’ll have coverage. EHSPN. To keep up with the show, follow us on twitter (http://www.twitter.com/ehspn) or check out some episodes below:


Essex Hockey

Hockey. With that word, many things come to mind. Rough, fast, hard, tough. All of those words could accurately describe the sport. But as I filmed with the Essex Girls Youth Hockey Team, I found some other words that could be used: Respect, friendship, kindness, family. Essex Hockey is on to something, and hopefully that can be seen below.


Full Video:

Essex Hockey from Kayhl Cooper on Vimeo.

Struggles of an Everyday Super Villain

Over this past weekend, I worked alongside the rest of the Reel Life Productions crew to make an entry to the Fifty Hour Film Contest.

This is our fifth season of participating in the contest. The prompt is given out on Friday at 2:30 pm. The participants are challenged to create a finalized short film by Sunday night, following the guidelines set forth on Friday.

This year, the genre given in the prompt was “Mockumentary”. Shows such as The Office, or Modern Family are examples of this genre. The character given was an Evil Dictator. After a weekend of nonstop work, this is what Reel Life came up with…